Geger Menjangan

24 May 2009

Regions Geger Menjangan is a natural area tourism, the main object of many visitors felt the beauty of South Beach and Purworejo be seen from the top of the hill. In addition, the area still Geger Menjangan offers some object other recreation, the children’s game parks, swimming pools, swimming pool and fishing parks located in the entrance area. the menu is devoted to the subject is young minicross arena, rock climbing and general location of the various shows. Arena minicross a wide area with the contours of the land is very challenging.

In these locations can also be used for general performance. Are rock climbing has been made permanent with the construction of steel with a 15 meter high. Looking from the natural beauty of the panorama that is the height of the area offered. Beauty that can be enjoyed with a very low cost and easy to reach. The beauty of the panorama is the principal object of much preferred the public, especially teenagers. To be able to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views, the visitors have the challenge to walk as far as sports 1800 m the paths that have been built with block paving.

Travel from the entrance of the object to the top of the hill is quite diverting. Travelers in the test to prove the reliability of the climb the high hill around 175 m above the surface slow. After reaching the summit, tourists will find a building measuring 6 x 10 meters, that is the relay that deliberately built to enjoy the beauty of South Beach and Purworejo. Beauty will enjoy more time on the perfect sunny weather. Another place of interest in the area Geger Menjangan is an old cemetery that is eating Kyai Imam Puro. Kyai is perhaps the story is one of the great figures of the existence of the District Purworejo. Moreover, because the size of the contribution Kyai Imam Puro, up-until history had offered a milestone anniversary District Purworejo. Location Geger garden tour Menjangan is located in the northeastern city Purworejo. Log In villages in the region Baledono District Purworejo. It’s just one kilometer from the city center. Does not need public transport vehicles to achieve. With the walk is rather delicious. Unfortunately, the area of 20 hectares is up to now still have problems. Guidance on the development pattern already exists, in the form of site plan of the area complete with a variety of programs. Also set in the general layout plan of the city (RUTRK) and the spatial plan area (RTRW). However, there are no investors who dare to embed the sungguh0sungguh capital to open a business in this area.

To reach there, can increase transportation department Kalibata, the direction of the road to Magelang, near the city center district.




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